It is early into the evening. Neighbors are increasingly leaving their rooftops to retire for the night. Inside Jude’s simple and modest eastern home the light is dim and decreasing rapidly. Jude has earnestly been contemplating writing to the brethren concerning the important doctrines surrounding salvation. The attacks on the truths of the Gospel were many and varied. It is during this time that the Holy Spirit compels him to write otherwise, and, under divine inspiration. So, with his lamp full with fresh oil, Jude dips his pen into the ink well, and in the quiet solitude of fellowship and guidance of the Holy Spirit, writes.

“Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

“For there are certain men crept in unawares.” -Jude 3,4a

The title is appropriate despite the fact 2500 plus years have transpired since they were recorded. Babylon is the head of gold in the prophetic revelation given to Daniel in the second chapter of the book given to his name. The Babylonians were the first world ruling power as well. Between the time of the prophecy and the fifth chapter of Daniel, approximately 55 years have passed. It was clear in the prophecy that Babylon would be replaced by another world power, whose holdings would be greater than Babylon ‘s ever were. Strangely but predictably, in the passage of time, if the prophecy or promise did not happen quickly, men tend to ignore, forget or reject it. Ecclesiastes 8:11, accurately states: “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

Belshazzar is in charge as his father, Nabonidus is off somewhere with his building projects. Belshazzar throws a party, a big party, and as he does so, he desecrates the holy vessels stolen from the temple in Jerusalem . Not known as a respecter of any religion or artifact taken from those nations that the Babylonians conquered, the king was just doing what Babylon had always done. Their partying went into excesses. They were having their usual good time. It was great to be the leader of the world and to be feared by others. That they were a hated power did not matter. They were at the top. The true and living God was legislated, ruled, and ridiculed out of their lives. Only the false gods were permitted, and there were thousands of them.

It is at this point in Daniel 5, that God directly intervenes with the handwriting on the wall. It was not a warning to Belshazzar and Babylon : it was a notification of judgment on Babylon . Their days are numbered as a ruling power. The scales of justice are leaning to bring swift and complete judgment upon them. Suddenly, they feel terror unlike anything that they have ever experienced before. The results would be catastrophic. Someone that night surely cried out, probably more than once, “The Medes and Persians are coming! The Medes and Persians are coming.” But if they did, few to any were listening.

By way of application, the United States of America was founded by God-fearing people. They were not all born again believers. Our laws were written with God in mind and were Biblical in purpose. Freedom of religion was guaranteed. There was no such thing as freedom from religion. As freedom prospered, because of the exercise of the spread of the Gospel message, so did our government. Sometime however, along our short history as a nation, certain men began to creep into our government – unawares. These were men who no longer wanted to coexist with religious freedom; these were men that despised capitalism, free enterprise, or freedom for all people. These were men who held to political belief systems in opposition to ours. One of the most profound and diabolical philosophical systems of rule came from a man named Karl Marx. One need not dig too deeply to know what he did to his own nation, as well as many other nations around the world. That includes today. Marxism essentially believes in the redistribution of all wealth (takes from those who have worked hard and benefited from their work, and gives it to those who won’t work or whom the government determines is at an unfair disadvantage); that the state ultimately will own everything – properties, businesses, etc., with the people owning nothing; and dictates that the people are basically slaves of the state. It is Socialism. It destroys freedom and capitalism. It destroys incentive. Its universal health care does not look out for the people of the nation, especially if you should become very sick or disabled to the point to where you could not be a productive part of the work force or society. Abortion and Euthanasia are essential facts of Socialism’s progressiveness. The state is all important: the people just produce for the state. Let’s be clear here and now: there are people in high places of our government, or trying to get to these high places, who are Marxists. Socialists. They want to expand government into every aspect of your life and the lives of businesses and medicine and education; and even religion. One by one they have snuck in to various offices of our government. They occupy places of great power and influence. They will lie at the drop of a hat about anything, in order to complete their destruction of what this country was founded upon. They are more than dangerous and are not out for our good. And what is most sad is that we believe their lies and vote them into office. For your benefit and mine, and our children, be aware, “The Socialists are Coming! The Socialists are coming!” A few of us are shouting it. We can but pray that more than a few are listening. It may already be too late.

More importantly, realize that this handwriting on the wall is the same as in Babylon’s day: Judgment on this nation is not a warning: it could be imminent. Earnestly pray, but be prepared.