July 14, 2019


For enquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thyself to the search of their fathers: (Job 8:8)

Baptist History – Part 2

A notable figure in American Baptist history is Dr. John Clarke (1609-1676), a leading advocate of religious freedom in our country. Born in England and educated in both England and Holland, Clarke made his way to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637. With those opposed to infant baptism considered heretics in Massachusetts at the time, Clarke moved to Rhode Island in 1638 where he authored the Portsmouth Compact, a document providing citizens with complete civil and religious liberty. Clarke also founded a Baptist church in Newport, Rhode Island.

In 1651, Clarke returned to England to obtain a charter for the Rhode Island colony. He implored the king for the right to: “Hold forth a lively experiment, that a most flourishing civil state may stand and best be maintained, and that among our English subjects, with a full liberty in religious concernments; and that true piety, rightly grounded upon gospel principles, will give the best and greatest security to sovereignty, and will lay in the hearts of men the strongest obligations to true loyalty.” King Charles II granted a royal charter to Rhode Island in 1663. The principles of liberty set forth in Rhode Island became the foundation for the establishment of every state in the union. Dr. John Clarke died in 1676 in Newport, Rhode Island and is known today as “The father of American Baptists.”

Memory Verse –

This morning – Psalm 119:45
July emphasis: LIBERTY
Next week – Isaiah 61:1

Business Meeting

Next Sunday (July 21st) following the evening service, we will hold our quarterly business meeting to review the 2nd quarter financial report and discuss new church business.

Scripture Memorization Tips

Evangelist Ron Hood suggests a strategy for memorization and retention of Bible verses that requires the following:

    1. Write the verse on an index card and go over it until you can quote it word perfect, with the reference, from memory.
    2. When you can say it from memory, quote it aloud 25 times the first day with reference. Write the date and “25” on the back of the card.
    3. The next day, after getting the verse back in mind, quote it aloud with the reference “20” times. The third day, quote it “15” times; the fourth day “10” times; the fifth day “5” times (write the numbers on the back of the card each day).
    4. Then, review it once a day for 45 days, once a week for 7 weeks, and once a month thereafter.

The material above was taken from “How to Memorize Scripture” by Evangelist Ron Hood – viewable online at “www.ronhood.org”

Devotional Books

“Call to Glory” for the month of July and “Baptist Bread” for July/August are available in the lobby. These booklets serve as an excellent spiritual supplement to the nourishment received from your daily Bible reading.

Praise the Lord!

Last week, we were able to bury the final drainage pipe on the west side of the church building. Additionally, our pump is back up and working so that excess water may be dealt with properly.