“… they should believe a lie” II Thess.2:11

At a time yet future… but certain and soon, a man rides on a white horse, and in on the world scene, and delivers peace that the earth has not seen before but desperately seeks after. However, he is also the man riding on the red horse. He takes away that loved peace quickly and exchanges it for war and bloodshed. He too, is the man on the black horse, as well as the man on the pale horse. He brings death and pestilence to the entire earth. The text in reference to these statements is found in Rev.6:1-8. In a very short span of time, a quarter of the earth’s population will be killed. An incredible number, by any standard, of men and women, boys and girls. A number greater than all the unborn children murdered in their mother’s wombs since 1973. But, more than a number: these are real people, living and breathing, working and playing, dreaming and imagining, scheming and swindling, ruling and being ruled, tired and active, young and old, free and imprisoned, and lost and saved.

What nation or groups of nations will be responsible for this coming devastation of humanity? Most today and then will blame Israel. They will hate Israel and desire to rid her from the land and from existence. At this time there will be federated nations banding together to form a one world government, a new world order, giving up all national sovereignty as separate nations to become a piece of the global community.

All of this power will be showered upon one man. That man is the one who will be responsible for the devastation: not a nation, nor any groups of nations. A man, who comes on the scene to bring a sense of stability to the mid-east after a string of failed peace plans. This hero, brilliant statesman and negotiator will broker a seven year peace treaty for Israel, guaranteeing their safety, allowing them to rebuild their temple on the temple site in Jerusalem. The sacrifices will reestablished as Israel practiced in ancient times. They will lay down their weapons. Peace and safety will ring through the streets and the towns. As hard as it is to believe for Israel about this peace, it will truly be theirs.

Great interest and concern should be paid to any nation today being coerced to lay down their weapons of war, as well as individual weapons. Skepticism and discernment should accompany politicians seeking the ‘greater good’ by the nationalization of industries, health care and freedoms. Adolph Hitler sold his lie to the German people. The mood was feverishly behind the little evil man. Greater concern ought to be paid to a nation giving up their sovereign right to be a self governing nation, with their own sets of laws and regulations, and turning them over to other nations, or a man. But, in this time of horror and judgment upon mankind, nation after nation will bow down to that man, giving him complete authority and management of all the people within that nation. Strange as it seems today, Islamic nations, Pagan nations, professing Christian nations, dictatorial nations, and Communistic nations, will do just that.

The air and mood will be one of euphoria. There will be a unity not seen before, and the scene will unfold with great confidence and joy. One world government! We are one! We are the world! There will be no rivals or divisions or individualism. Israel will be off limits, but still hated all the same.

It is in that time frame that the people of the world believed a lie! The lie of all lies! The Euphoric Lie. You will own nothing. All will be subject to the whim and direction of one man. There will be no privacy, no freedom, no liberty. There will be no personal conveniences. Everything will be monitored. All people who are a drag on the progress of the government will disappear. Children will be systematically and medically singled out to serve the world government ahead of their birth, or be eliminated by abortion. Humanism, a product of evolutionary theories in defiance and rebellion against God, will be the one world religion, and monitored by the leadership of a totally apostate and heathen religion. There will be no room for the saving Gospel of Christ. Only 144,000 bold and Spirit – led and protected Jewish men will go forth with the precious good news of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Well, that is, for 3 ½ years. After that … nothing. The last half of this terrible time on the earth will resemble death, while yet alive and suffering. There will be no extra chances to be saved. There will be no repentance. Mankind will take the mark of the beast in his forehead or hand. Anyone saved in the first half of tribulation will not take the mark. And they will be hunted down unmercifully. Thankfully, the tribulation ends before there are none left that are saved upon the earth. Saved Jews will flee and be preserved by God in a prepared place. Lost Jews will receive the full fury of the dragon, Satan, and almost be fully exterminated.

Creative fiction or the result of a wild imagination? Neither. And it is as close as the twinkling of an eye, not even one full breath in and out. The rising of Fascist-Socialist politician and leaders, even in so called democratic nations, are preparing the secular world to welcome without question the one world government. Tragically, current ‘Christian’ leaders hold platforms for the sheep, inviting wolves in to prepare them for the coming slaughter.

You’re not as free as you used to be, but you definitely are freer than you’re going to be – regardless of your present circumstances. What born again Bible believers need to be doing, they need to be doing now. We may not have tomorrow to do anything. Take the Gospel next door, over the internet, in the local churches, to the person across from you or in the next room or cell. The Gospel can only be contained or silent as we allow it to be – but always in disobedience to the command of our Lord, “Go ye into the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” You need to realize that our time is running out.

Develop a sense of urgency, not only with the gospel, but in backing up the gospel message with an obedient life, in accordance with God’s Word, for the sake of the lost. Settle for nothing less. The souls of mankind are worth it.