The Bible’s Unsung Heroes (Part 2)

The next unsung hero was used mightily by the Lord, yet she is unnamed! In 2
Kings 5, we are introduced to Naaman, a Syrian captain who “was also a mighty man in
valour, but he was a leper.” (v. 1). Within Naaman’s house lived a captive from the land
of Israel. This “little maid” had responsibility associated with Naaman’s wife (v. 2).
Upon hearing of Naaman’s leprous condition, she told Naaman’s wife of help available
from “the prophet that is in Samaria” (v. 3). Eventually, Naaman heard of the little
maid’s words and, in time, Naaman made his way to Israel to the house of the prophet
Elisha. He was instructed by Elisha to wash in the Jordan River seven times in order to
be cleansed of his leprosy. Though he was reluctant to heed Elisha’s command,
Naaman finally did exactly as Elisha said and “his flesh cam again like unto the flesh of
a little child, and he was clean” (v. 14). All of this came about as a result of a little maid
saying just a few words that ultimately provided cleansing for Naaman! Christian, are
you willing to boldly speak up and say a few words on behalf of the Lord? God desires
to use YOU to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world that,
like Naaman, is in need of cleansing.