Seven Miracles in the Gospel of John (Part 3)

John 5:1-9

Consider: life’s FRUSTRATIONS

I. WAITING (v. 1-4)

Verse 1 – while Jesus went to Jerusalem because of the FEAST, he encounters a man in need along the way

  • People are in need EVERYWHERE!  Are you looking for them?
    • cf. John 4:1-5
    • cf. Mark 2:13-15
    • cf. Mark 1:16-21

Verse 2 – the pool of Bethesda – it had FIVE porches

  • FIVE – Bible number of DEATH
    • cf. Genesis 5:5 – first natural death (Adam)
    • Jesus Christ – 5 wounds on the cross (both hands, both feet, side)
    • cf. Acts 5:5 – Ananias dies
    • cf. Revelation 9:5 – locusts will torment men for FIVE months in the Tribulation
    • Two men whose DEATHS affected all humanity – Romans 5
    • D-E-A-T-H – FIVE letters
    • David – took FIVE smooth stones to fight Goliath (though he only needed one!)
  • What is the eventual fate of ALL at the pool of Bethesda?
    • DEATH… even if they are healed, since it will only be temporary

Verse 3 – Look at the people at the pool – IMPOTENT (crippled), BLIND, HALT (lame, one with a limp), WITHERED

  • Notice they are WAITING for the MOVING of the WATER

The end of verse 3 and all of verse 4 are NOT FOUND in most new translations.  If you remove them, verse 7 makes no sense!!

Verse 4 – as WEIRD as it may seem, there really was an angel that went down and troubled the water

WAITING – and then HOPING to be the first one in the water

There was SOME hope, but no GUARANTEE of healing unless you were the first one in the water.

II. WANTING (v. 5-7)

Verse 5 – this particular man had this condition for 38 years

  • cf. Deuteronomy 2:14

Verse 6 – Jesus…

  • SAW him lie – he was LOOKING for people that needed help
  • KNEW his condition and how long
  • SAID – “Wilt thou be made whole?”


cf. Mark 5:25-34 – FAITH in Jesus Christ MAKES ONE WHOLE!

cf. Mark 6:56 – TOUCHING the Lord would HEAL a person!

cf. Mark 10:46-52 – “thy faith hath made thee whole” (v. 52)

Verse 7 – what a SAD verse!  This man TRIES, but FAILS to ever be healed due to his OWN INABILITY

III. WALKING (v. 8-9)

Verse 8 – the Lord speaks SEVEN WORDS!

  • Miracle #1 – “Go thy way, thy son liveth” (4:50)
  • Miracle #2 – “Fill the waterpots with water” (2:7), “Draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast.” (2:8)

The Lord Jesus Christ’s WORDS are POWERFUL!

cf. John 7:43-46

cf. Mark 1:21-28

cf. Revelation 19:15

Verse 9 – the Lord’s WORDS have IMMEDIATE impact

  • Jesus Christ did for the man something he COULD NOT do for himself
    • cf. Romans 8:3, 4

The last six words of Jesus Christ John 15:5 – “… without me ye can do nothing.”

When the Lord does that which man CANNOT do, the glory goes to the Lord!