Good morning, Lord, I just woke up,
I’m running late today.
I know that I must hurry
But I have to stop to pray.

I can’t begin my day, Lord,
Without praising your sweet name,
And thanking you for saving me
When in my life you came.

Please guide me through this day, Lord,
Let your will be done, not mine,
Control my thoughts, my tongue and deeds,
Let your light through me shine.

Help me in my work place
To be faithful, strong, and true
And everything I do there
Bring honor and praise to you.

I can’t make it through today, Lord,
Without your strength and love,
But I can do all things
As you guide me from above.

I must be on my way now,
I have a job to do,
I know it will be better
Because I stopped to talk to you.

-by Linda B. Dallis