Signs Of A Church Emerging

The Following is an excerpt from a booklet: “How to Know When the Emerging Church Shows Signs of Emerging Into Your Church”, written by Roger Oakland

“Thus, this purpose-driven view of establishing global utopia may be a plan, but it is “driven” by humanistic reasoning and not led by the Holy Spirit. While it is of course good to do good unto others, all the goodness that we can do will not be good enough. Pastors and church leaders who get involved in such man-driven programs can usually be identified by certain characteristics:

  • Sound biblical doctrine is dangerous and divisive, and the experiential (i.e.,mystical) is given a greater role than doctrine.
  • Bible prophecy is no longer taught and is considered a waste of time.
  • Israel becomes less and less important and has no biblical significance.
  • Eventually the promises for Israel are applied to the church and not Israel (Replacement Theology).
  • Bible study is replaced by studying someone’s book and his methods.
  • Church health is evaluated on the quantity of people who attend.
  • The truth of God’s Word becomes less and less important.
  • God’s Word, especially concepts like hell, sin and repentance, is eventually downplayed so the unbeliever is not offended.”