He Tasted Death For Me

The Son of God a ransom came
Down from His throne on high,
Into this world of sin and shame
For us to bleed and die.

We read the Father sent the Son
To die, on Calv’ry’s tree;
“He tasted death for every man”,
He tasted death for me.

The wrath that was my portion, Lord,
Was suffered all by Thee,
When tasting death for every man,—
When tasting death for me.

“‘Tis finished”, all on Calv’ry’s cross,
Redemption’s work is done;
“No condemnation” evermore,
Through God’s beloved Son.

O wondrous love and matchless grace
That sets the sinner free;
“The Son of God who loved me so,—
He gave Himself for me.”

May love like this unto Thine own
Our hearts and voices raise,
Unto the Father and the Son
Our everlasting praise.

-Lois Beckwith