Christianity like gravity – it benefits everyone

According to a recent poll, the number of self-identified Christians in the U.S. is declining while those who claim no faith at all are on the ascent. The Pew Research Center poll finds that just 65 percent of Americans say they’re Christians. Ten years ago, that number stood at 77 percent.

But the shocker revealed by the poll, according to Christian apologist Dr. Alex McFarland, is the number of Americans who now identify as atheist, agnostics, or have no particular spiritual belief at all.

“A staggering 26 percent of the population – more than one out of four – don’t believe in God, Christ, the Bible, [or] Christianity,” McFarland emphasizes. “We’ve never before seen an America where more than 25 percent of the population doesn’t believe in God.”

And that, he argues, spells doom for America’s culture, freedoms, and families. “Even those who aren’t Christians should care about the Christian presence here in America because Christianity speaks to morality, human relationships, people’s priorities,” says McFarland.

“Christianity is like a gravity,” he continues. “It benefits even those who don’t know about it or don’t even, necessarily, believe in it.” – Excerpt from OneNewsNow article of 21 October 2019, by Steve Jordahl.